Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You're doing WHAT?!

My Mom did it... and her Mom did it... and I'm sure her Mom did too. What am I talking about? Yup, cloth diapering! But wait, gone are the days of just plain white cloth rags with pins and covers... cloth diapering has changed SO much since my Mom cloth diapered me. I know people are going to start looking at me like I am crazy, and honestly, I don't know a single soul in my area where I live, go to church, etc. that actually cloth diapers. But I have a whole lot of friends online via Facebook and Babyfit (my absolute favorite baby/pregnancy website where I have made lifetime friends!) who cloth diaper and love it! I have been so intrigued by them that I finally looked into it myself. When I called my own Mom to tell her I was thinking about it, she even said, "I didn't even know that anyone did that anymore!" Oh yes, and it actually has become quite the trend.

Now, my main reason for doing this wasn't the environment issue with it... although that is a very nice added bonus I must say! I first chose to do this simply because it costs LESS! And since we plan to have at least one more child after this one, I think it makes perfect sense for us to switch now. Sydney is still in diapers and will be for at least another year I'm sure... the thought of two in disposable diapers, woah, it makes me cringe! You buy one big stash of diapers and you can use them for every child! You just keep washing and reusing!

Here is my first stash of cloth diapers! As you can see, they come in all sorts of colors and types. I'm telling you, these cloth diapers are so cool! And they look and feel so much more comfortable than those awful disposable diapers! I am also doing this because I don't like the thought of all those unknown chemicals touching my child's bottom on a daily basis and I am hoping this will cut down on the awful diaper rash!

I am still a newbie, and as you can see I only have a small stash to begin with. But I can see us diving in to converting almost completely. We will have to still use disposables for the church nursery and many cloth diapering Moms use disosables at night since cloth is known for leaking overnight. But I am determined to find a way to do it overnight as well!

Here is Sydney in her new BumGenius all in one cloth diaper. The all in one is the most like a disposable, because you don't have to stuff it into a cover or do anything else. It's the most "Daddy friendly" of the cloth world!

And here she is in her cute little FuzziBunz "One Size" cloth diaper. They make these great one size diapers so you don't have to keep buying new sizes as they grow! You just adjust with snaps or velcro! Pretty awesome and very economical. And don't you just love the names they have?! (FuzziBunz, BumGenius...)
Check back with me in a few months to see if I am still in love with cloth diapering, but so far so good and I am very excited to keep going!


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