Friday, October 9, 2009

Standing with support!

It's amazing how time can fly by so quickly. I realized I hadn't blogged in about a month and decided it was time to post. Really there hasn't been much to blog about that was major exciting. We have exciting moments every day though, and why shouldn't I share it? I am so blessed by my two beautiful children and want to share the joys I get to experience on a daily basis!

Carter and Sydney are starting to really become "friends" now and it is such a joy to watch! Sure Carter still gets mad when Sydney takes his toys and slobbers all over them (he points and says, "It's eating my block!") Yes, *sigh*, he calls her "it." We're teaching him that she's a "she," not an "it!" But he really does love her. They'll chase each other around the house and Carter will yell, "Sydney's trying to get me!!!" As if an almost 10 month old could possibly hurt you Carter??!! Too cute.

And speaking of my almost 10 month old, she is now standing with support. On pretty much anything you can imagine. She just loves to stand! She is cruising along quite nicely on the furniture. This is her favorite spot, on the coffee table in our play room. She is also working on a few more teeth all at once. The joys of being a toddler!

She is such a joy, always smiling and laughing. Except of course when her teeth are bothering her or she has a 102.7 fever like she did the other night... aside from that, she's a pretty happy baby!

Oh we're going to be in big trouble in about 15 years with a smile like that.....

Daddy was having fun the other day holding Carter upside down and Sydney was so amused....

she wanted to do it herself too!
Next post will be Carter's birthday party. Can't believe our little boy is really turning three!!!

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  1. Too cute, Caryn. Don't you just wish you could freeze time? I love Sydney's smile!



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