Monday, August 10, 2009

The Lake

On Saturday we finally got to go to the Lake to spend the day with our dear friends and my former employers, Dan and Lisa. Almost a year ago they bought a Lake house at Cedar Creek Lake, about an hour outside of Dallas and spend every weekend there relaxing from the week. They seem to be in heaven when they are there and now I know why! It really felt like we were on vacation and we were only there for one day. Their house is beautiful and has an amazing view of the Lake and sunset.

On the way to the Lake!

Carter spent a lot of time hanging out by the windows. It was a gorgeous view! Unfortunately I think he left his mark there with his finger prints on the glass!

This is the view from the back yard.

Carter and I in front of Dan's new boat!

The back of the house and back yard.

Sydney and Daddy had fun playing on the couch together.

Aunt Lisa and Sydney on the dock at sunset.

Carter looking cool in his shades!

Lisa showing Carter the bait. Carter had fun watching the minnows swim.

The family after Daddy's big catch!

What a gorgeous sunset and great ending to a fun day! The kids loved it and we really enjoyed spending time with Dan and Lisa again. Steve and Dan got to go exploring on the boat while Lisa and I enjoyed lounging on the floaties on the Lake while the kids "napped." Carter didn't actually nap. I think he was so excited from the day, he spent the entire naptime talking to himself on the bed! At least he let us have quality adult time! I have missed Dan and Lisa a lot since I stopped working for them, so it was wonderful to get to spend the day with them.

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  1. This is exactly what I need in my life, a heavenly sanctuary to rest and relax in. So if you happen to know anyone with some expendable income and wants to contribute to the "Julie Mitchell Anti-Stress Lake House Fund", let me know. : ) Glad you guys could have such a great day!



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