Monday, August 3, 2009

Time to post...

Guess it's time for a post. Nothing really new and exciting to report. Sydney is trying really hard to crawl, but only has been successful at crawling backwards. I have tried to get a good shot on video but haven't been able to yet. She always does it when the camera is off. Once I get it, I'll post here. The other night we were at a friends' house for a Bible study and she crawled back from the middle of their living room floor all the way back to their fireplace where she could go no further! She cracks us up daily.

This is the best picture I have so far of Sydney's bottom two teeth. Hard to see here, but they are there, I promise!

She always seems to have slobber on her clothes. Here she looks like she is pondering something!

Carter is a joy as always. He loves to learn his letters and sounds, play with blocks and learn Bible verses. Yes he enjoys learning Bible verses! Let's hope that joy continues. Steve is in the process of registering for his first classes in Seminary. We are excited about this.

Carter really loves his sister. Except when she puts his toys in her mouth. Then he has a major melt down! Trouble is, she does this often!

We couldn't be prouder parents! We thank God daily for the joy our children are in our lives.

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