Sunday, July 26, 2009

Teeth, friends and family

I think it's safe to finally say that Sydney has her first two bottom teeth! She is already chewing like a champ, even though they are still technically only half way up. She loves eating those puffs! Last night wasn't too fun though, she woke up every hour on the hour, I assume from the teething. Poor little thing isn't having a fun time with that!

Carter asked me the other day if he could put on his winter hat. Did someone tell him that it is 100 degrees outside? Thank God for air conditioning! How did I ever survive in Africa?

Sydney's favorite friend is Alex who is 5 years older than her. Fortunately he doesn't mind taking the abuse! Alex came over the other night while his parents went to a wedding.

Here I am with the kids and Alex. He is like family!

Carter's new favorite toy is Daddy's poker chip set. This picture looks like Steve was teaching him to play poker but he really wasn't. Turns out the hand that he had given Carter actually beat him hands down! At least it made for a great photo op!

Carter will spend hours lining up the chips on the table. Anything that keeps him busy and happy, I'm all for it! He doesn't need to know what poker chips are used for right?

Alex and Carter thought it would be fun to cover Sydney up with the big legos. She doesn't seem to mind. Anything she can put into her mouth!

Last night we had Kevin (Steve's brother) and Renee (Kevin's wife) and cousin Emma and Cooper over for dinner. Sydney and Cooper are only three weeks apart. Cooper couldn't keep his hands off of Sydney's ear!

So she finally got him back!

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