Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Festival

First of all, we are not against Halloween or Trick or Treating. We just haven't actually taken our kids yet. Our church every year has a Fall Festival that is huge. Thousands of kids from the community come to the Festival where they have bounce houses and different games set up with candy at every game. It really is like trick or treating minus the walking from house to house and actually saying trick or treat! Carter doesn't know any different yet, and we figure as long as he is having fun with this, we'll stick with it for now. Maybe in a couple of years we'll venture off to our neighborhood as well, but the Festival really is a great time. Plus he also gets to see all of his friends there.

This year Carter was a pirate and he sure was the cutest pirate I have ever seen! One of Carter's favorite things on Dora are the Pirate Piggies, so I thought it would be fun for him to be a Pirate.

Sydney was a cute little pink ladybug. And of course she was the cutest ladybug I have ever seen!

And together... well you know... I'm a little biased!

I love this picture. They seem to be looking at each other saying, "What are you??"

This is our best pal Alex. He absolutely adores Sydney. And the feeling is mutual!

He and Carter are best pals too!

Daddy's little girl!

Sydney wasn't too happy after about 30 minutes of being there. She was ready to go home!

But once Daddy let her out of the stroller to play a little, she was happier.

This was the first year that Carter really got to enjoy the games. He loved playing baseball just like he does with Daddy!

We had a great time but were exhausted by the end of the evening. Thank goodness for the extra hour of sleep that night!



  2. I love the pink ladybug costume...original and adorable! And of course your pirate is quite handsome too. : ) Glad you guys had a great Halloween!



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