Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

For those of you concerned that my children will not have enough socialization, being a homeschooling family, here is the proof that they will be just fine.

Every other Thursday we get together for a science day with other homeschool kids. We actually meet every Thursday. The mothers meet for prayer time and the kids get to play with each other. Then every other Thursday my friend Shannon leads a science day. She is a former teacher and does such a fabulous job teaching the kids! We usually have between 8-12 kids. This week we had a Thanksgiving feast! Shannon read to the kids about Squanto.

Then they had a relay race where they had to balance a cranberry on a spoon across the yard without dropping it.

The kids all had a fabulous time!

Carter did a great job, even though he did have to hold his spoon a little bit! Shhh, don't tell!

Then they made their own little "pumpkin pies."

Their final activity was to put pretzel sticks around the perimeter of a house. Carter loved this, because it was just like putting together his puzzles!

Then they put pretzels on the inside of the house to show the "area."

Sydney had fun too with the little boy who is just a few months younger than her! Soon enough, she'll be our little scientist too!

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