Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ages 6 and up...

That's what the outside of the box of this 100 piece puzzle said. Carter has become obsessed with puzzles (just like his Daddy and his math mind) and can put the 48 piece puzzles together in his sleep. We had a puzzle contest between Carter, Mommy and Daddy the other night. The three of us started the same type of puzzle at the same exact time. Of course Daddy finished first, but guess who got second? Carter beat Mommy by a landslide! So he borrowed this 100 piece puzzle from his older friend who is 5 to see if it would challenge him more. After a few tries, he put it together all by himself within 30 minutes, no help at all! Can you tell I'm proud?! :)


  1. I'm would probably take me forever to finish a puzzle like that! And Ethan...we'll let's just say that he would probably rather take a bite of the pieces! Cardboard is quite yummy, according to him!



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