Monday, December 14, 2009

Sydney's First Birthday

It's hard to believe it, but Sydney Nicole is One! I remember that day so clearly a year ago. I was sitting at work that morning, feeling a little different than normal. I had a headache, and felt like I was getting a fever. But I didn't feel like I was getting sick, I just didn't feel right. I went into my co-worker/friend's office to talk to her. Immediately she knew I wasn't right either! She said I looked flushed in my face. I decided to go to the local grocery store to take my blood pressure to see if it was elevated. Sure enough it was! Knowing that my OBGYN had told me at the previous appointment to call if my blood pressure went up, I reluctantly called. I was not ready to have this baby yet in my opinion, and I was hoping to have a VBAC instead of a c-section. Of course she told me to come in to see her. After checking my blood pressure at the office again, she told me she felt it was best to go ahead and have the baby that day. Of course secretly I was excited because I was just so ready to have this baby and meet her! A few hours later, Sydney Nicole was born, and we were never the same again...

So this past weekend we celebrated her birthday and had such a great time! Aside from my allergic reaction the night before, everything went off without a hitch!

We had a Christmas/Gingerbread theme, so when the kids first arrived, they decorated Gingerbread cookies.

I had also made a Gingerbread train for the centerpiece on the food table. Those things are not easy to assemble, but it turned out great!

We had chocolate cupakes with Gingerbread men on top!

I think Daddy was explaining to her here that she was supposed to blow out the candle now, and she was saying, "But I can't do that Daddy!"

This was Sydney's first experience with cake and icing. It's amazing to me how different our two children can be. On Carter's first birthday, he cried uncontrollably because he didn't like getting icing on his hands and face! So we braced ourselves to see how Sydney would react...

It was a success!! She loved it!

She was also very willing to share with everyone!

Sydney also loved opening up the gifts! She got such fabulous gifts from her friends and family!

Daddy did a great job helping her along.

A year later, we are so blessed by our sweet Sydney Nicole! She brings us such joy every day and couldn't imagine life without her!


  1. What a fun party! She is just too cute for words :) Each year holds so many fun memories and blessings!

  2. Happy belated birthday, Sydney! Caryn, I'm impressed you could pull together a party amidst all of the holiday chaos. Glad my kids are born in the summer or they'd never get a party!

  3. I'm not sure she will get a big party every year!! It definitely was not easy. Especially when we were going out of town the next week. We'll see in the future!



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