Tuesday, February 23, 2010

They say three's a crowd...

So I realized it's been awhile since I have posted about the family and thought of three things to share with you. Two good, one not so good. Can you guess?

1. SNOW!!

Yes, this was the sight we woke up to one morning! My first real snow since I've lived in Dallas! They had gotten snow once on Christmas day, but since I was in VA with my family, I had missed it. And it didn't just snow...

It snowed....

And snowed... all day and night. In fact, it turned out to be the MOST snow Dallas has EVER gotten! Woohoo!! About a foot total. In Carrollton I think we got about 10 inches, but it was close for us.

This is what we woke up to the following morning.

So we decided it was time to let the kids go outside and play in the snow. After all, when will this ever happen again? When they are teenagers? Sydney was not too happy about being bundled up! We usually can go out in sweaters and a hat and just be fine. But not on a snowy day like today!

Here I am with my two little snow bunnies!

Sydney didn't like the snow when I first put her down in it, so we stayed on the porch area. But she got close and started to think that maybe she would give it a try...

Sydney and I watched on the porch while Daddy and Carter made a snow fort that ended up turning into a snowman.

Carter definitely didn't mind the snow at all!

Yes, my son is wearing two different gloves. We couldn't find the match to either, so we used them together! And here, Sydney actually ventured out into the snow finally!

And here we have the finished product...

The world's weirdest looking snow fort that turned into a snowman!
2. Lice!

Yes you heard it right, the not so good news was that Carter came home with an awful case of head lice! Here I am working hard to get it out of his hair. This was probably the longest night of my life. It took several hours to work on his hair... and then we had to worry about our own! I had a very slight case and lucky Steve had none! Sydney didn't have any until several days later we found a few. So we had to treat her too, which was pure torture! But we are finally lice free, and happy about that...
3. Did you guess right? Well yes, they say that three's a crowd! So I guess in September we are going to find how crowded it is going to be! Presenting... baby Westdyk #3!!

We are very excited about this new addition!

Now that I am almost 12 weeks, we are finally letting the world know! My due date is September 9th. So far this has been the sickest and most tired pregnancy, but I guess that just means that things are going well so far! Now we can't wait to find out in a couple of months if we are having a boy or girl!


  1. Congrats again Caryn! You have one great looking baby belly! :) ha! The snow looks like it was fun! And how did Carter get lice??

  2. We assume he got it from the church nursery. He doesn't go anywhere else!! It was awful...

  3. Congratulations on Baby #3! That is such wonderful news and it must be a relief to be through the morning sickness phase. Though I have heard "Three's a Crowd", I've also heard "Good things come in threes" so I'm going with that! Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes easier! : )



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