Monday, January 25, 2010

From earthquake to blessing...

I don't know all the answers to complex questions like why are there natural disasters and tragedy in the world, but I do know that God is greater than those tragic events. Now I have seen that first hand in a very real way that has changed my life forever! A couple of years ago, friends of ours from our church here in Dallas, Jason and Sarah Hyatt, went on a mission trip to Haiti that changed their lives forever. I knew the instant they came back that something was different, and then soon after, they shared that they would be adopting two children from Haiti. So the long process began... they sold their home in Dallas (at a time when real estate was plummeting and we were going into a recession, it sold almost immediately!) to move back to Louisiana to live with their family so they could save money for the adoption. Steve and I were humbled by their decision to do this and were excited to see things unfold for them. It was a long hard couple of years. They were matched up with an orphan immediately, but nothing seemed to be happening. In fact, everything was at a stand still. Laws were suddenly changing that were making it next to impossible for them to ever bring home their sweet Naomie. But God is bigger than that.

As we all know, there was an earthquake in Haiti just a little over a week ago... I can imagine how our friends must have felt: fear, uncertainty, panic. Just to name a few emotions. They learned that Naomie's orphanage was fine, but the children were having to sleep outside due to damage and the after shocks were making it unsafe to be inside. Many adoptive parents were wondering if they would ever be united with their children, for fear that their adoption papers were lost in the rubble. But God is bigger than that.

Many of us watched their blog and twitter updates on the edge of our seats, wondering what was going to happen next. They were literally working around the clock to find out the status of Naomie and wondering how they could get to see her again. They didn't get much sleep, their whole life was revolved around somehow getting Naomie back into their arms. Then it was announced that orphans in Haiti were being brought back to the US under Humanitarian Parole status. Could this be the hope they were waiting for? The adoption that was once at a stand still and they had been preparing to wait even another year, could it really be that they could immediately be united with her? The first flight came, and Naomie was not on the flight. She was held back because she did not have travel papers. Road block. But God is bigger than that.

Naomie did not make it on that first plane, but another surprise did: a 5 month old named Amalia! They had initally said they would adopt two and were only matched with one. But now, here was their second daughter that they were adopting! A blessing yes, but what about Naomie? Jason was asked to fly down to Haiti as soon as possible to help assist with getting the rest of of the orphans out of the country, including Naomie. Through an unbelievable series of events, it was orchestrated that Jason would be on a flight next tuesday to do this. But then, a change. Yesterday he had word that he should fly to Orlando and that Naomie would be on a flight there on Monday. This morning, they were united! Their blog is titled 4 to 6 (their family of 4 becoming a family of 6) and this morning they finally became 4 to 6! I can't even describe the emotions I felt when I saw the picture of Sarah embracing her little girl. It's beyond comprehension. And I'm just watching from afar. Just imagine what they must've felt! The post was titled "Now my soul can rest." And now it can...

For those of us who wonder the "Why" questions... somehow it all just comes together. And I believe that is because of God who orchestrated it all from the very beginning! It's just so very amazing to me and I feel forever changed and humbled by having the opportunity to witness this miracle.


  1. So happy for your friends. What a blessing!

  2. One of many amazing, inspirational stories coming out of the rubble. I can't help from having the sense that God is going to do huge things in Haiti. As I watch the news coverage, I keep thinking that Americans could learn a lot from the Haitian people -- strength, determination, patience, gratitude, etc.



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