Monday, April 19, 2010

Adoption celebration!

A few months ago I blogged about some friends of ours, the Hyatts, who were adopting from Haiti. With the earthquake, the adoption moved into fast forward and now they have two precious little girls added to their family. Their family of 4 went to a family of 6 in the matter of days! This past weekend we had the priveledge of celebrating with them along with many of our church friends at a picnic. What a blessing it was for us to see them and meet their two new precious little girls!

Here is little Amelia, who was the first to arrive to the Hyatt family. She is about 9 months old now and adorable as ever!

And this is little Naomi with her Dad Jason. They knew for a couple of years they would be adopting Naomi but were prepared to wait a year or two more. With the earthquake, that all changed in the matter of days! What a blessing that she is now a part of their family!

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